Diabetes and Wound Care

Nearly 7 million Americans have non-healing wounds because of diabetes, pressure ulcers, circulatory problems or other injuries. Unlike normal wounds that your body can heal, chronic or traumatic open wounds show no significant signs of healing over a period of several weeks. A wound that does not heal is frustrating, time-consuming and expensive. Wounds can hurt in more ways than one, especially when they limit your ability to do what you love.  Don’t let your wound interfere with the enjoyment in your life.

The following conditions may benefit from wound healing care:
•    Acute wounds
•    Surgical wounds
•    Chronic non-healing wounds
•    Arterial ulcers
•    Venous ulcers
•    Traumatic wounds

For a vast majority of wounds, healing follows a relatively brief, simple and short course, but some chronic wounds are exceptions to the rule.  Wounds can be hard to heal if you have one or more of these conditions:
•    Diabetes
•    Poor circulation
•    Bad veins or frequent swelling
•    Problems with recurrent infections
•    Pressure on areas from inability to move normally or severe illness.

Many health plans cover wound care treatments. Your coverage depends on your specific plan.  Be sure to contact your insurance provider and verify eligibility and coverage.   If your insurance requires a referral to a specialist, contact your primary care physician to assist you in this process.  If you have a wound that isn’t healing, help is available close to home.  Dr. Michl is certified in wound care and is located at the Carroll County Memorial Hospital.

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