Specialty Physicians

Physician Specialists visit our Specialty Center throughout the month. These independent providers are listed below. They are not employees of the Hospital. For more information or to make an appointment call the CCMH Specialty Physician Center at 502-732-3204.

General Surgery

Farooq Mirza, M.D.

PHONE: 502-732-3299
FAX: 502-732-8551

Telemed Oncology

John Hamm, M.D.

Carrollton Office: 502-732-3204
PHONE: 502-629-2500
FAX: 502-561-9596


Pradeep Singh, M.D.
Manish Sharma, M.D.
Shanker Chandiramani, M.D.
Phone: 502-897-7107

Carrollton Office: 502-732-3204
PHONE: 502-634-3805
FAX: 502-634-9336


David Fendley, M.D.
Luisa Franco, M.D.

PHONE: 502-425-9121
FAX: 502-425-9161

Neuro Surgery

Kimathi Doss, M.D.

PHONE: 502-394-6390
FAX: 502-583-2120


Leigh Walsh M.D.

Carrollton Office: 502-732-3204
PHONE: 502-259-3250
Fax: 502-259-3255


Bennett and Bloom Eye Centers
John Millin, M.D.
Nickolaos Zagorianos O.D.
Bryan Matthew Blair, M.D.
Lawrence Tenkman, M.D.

PHONE: 502-859-0046
FAX: 502-361-4488

Pain Management – PTC

Christopher Nelson, M.D.
David Anderson, M.D.
Brandon Sutton, M.D.
Anthony Sehlinger, M.D.
Kelsey Brown, PA-C
Deborah Hart, PA-C
Tim Loerke, PA-C
Lillie, Becht, PA-C

PHONE: 502-423-1021
Fax: 502-423-1416


Alan Mauser, DPM

PHONE: 502-458-8989
FAX: 502-451-5439

Sleep Medicine

Tausif Sayied, M.D.
Lebnan Saad, M.D.
Rajanna Ramaswamy, M.D.

PHONE: 502-732-7145
FAX: 502-899-1972


Brooks Jackson, M.D.

PHONE: 502-633-2661
FAX: 502-633-2864
Carrollton Office: 502-732-3204

Vascular Surgeon

Greg Schmieder, M.D.

PHONE: 502-897-0635
FAX: 502-895-3219