By clicking below, I understand that these prices are the prices included in hospital’s standard list of charges (also known as hospital’s “chargemaster”) and are not necessarily what my health insurance plan will pay or what I will owe for services received at hospital. The hospital’s chargemaster is updated at least annually, but individual prices may change more frequently. Accordingly, some prices reflected in this standard chargemaster may not be the current price. I understand that any bill I receive from hospital may include many different combinations of charges, which are dependent upon the services actually received as a patient at hospital, and, therefore, it is not possible to predict before all services are provided the actual charges or combination of charges that may be on an insurance claim or my hospital bill.

I also understand that the prices in the chargemaster are only hospital charges and do not include any charges incurred as a result of services provided by a physician or other licensed practitioner, regardless of whether such physician or other licensed practitioner is independent or employed by the health system.

I understand that in most cases health insurance plan rates will be discounted from the prices shown in the chargemaster, and the amount actually paid for services and items received may not be based on specific charges as shown in the chargemaster. If I am covered by a health insurance plan, I understand that the amount I owe for services covered by my plan will be determined by my health insurance plan based on the payment rate they have negotiated with hospital rather than any charges shown in the chargemaster. I also understand that, if I receive medically necessary services as a self-pay patient, I may be eligible to receive discounts on the prices listed in the chargemaster. Any such discount is based upon the hospital’s policy related to the same and my specific facts and circumstances.



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