The Empowered Living Program is an intensive outpatient mental health program that is specialized for older adults and those with disabilities. We provide group, individual, and family therapy.  Each patient admitted to our program is qualified to receive psychiatric medication management, intensive psychotherapy, and nursing case management.  We provide transportation to those living within a 40-mile radius, which includes parts of Southern IN and Northern KY (east of Louisville). 

Our services meet the needs of a wide variety of individuals.  For example, those struggling with the following:

  • Life role transitions
  • Grief/Loss
  • Behaviors/personality changes related to early-stage dementia
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Managing complicated or newly diagnosed chronic disease processes
  • Complicated family dynamics
  • And many more

Are Behavioral Health Services Right For Me?

You may benefit from the support of Behavioral Health services if you:

  • Are struggling with issues in relationships;
  • Are emotionally overwhelmed (ex. hopelessness, anxiety, anger, worry, sadness, irritability, etc.);
  • Have been feeling unable to function effectively in your home and/or professional life;
  • Have experienced traumatic experiences in life;
  • Are feeling unable to concentrate or complete tasks;
  • Are sleeping and eating more or less than normal;
  • Have decreased motivation to engage in once pleasurable activities;
  • Are experiencing family or other relationship strain or avoiding social contact;
  • Are using alcohol, drugs, food, sex, money to cope with difficult feelings or are concerned about substance misuse.

Hesitant About Group Therapy?

                Groups can be an opportunity to connect to others going through similar struggles and life challenges. Groups create a safe space to look at issues affecting your emotional, social and behavioral health, while receiving support, encouragement and insight. Groups have been proven to be a significant way to manage issues like depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, and substance abuse.  Sometimes groups are the best way to get support because members can relate to one another based on similar experiences.

In recognizing shared experiences, group members can be inspired to find hope for recovering, improve self-esteem, overcome challenges, and overcome loneliness. Often it is helpful to learn how others manage their life challenges as a way to find help for your own. Groups are all facilitated by a licensed mental health clinician.  Mental health groups typically meet once weekly; substance abuse treatment groups vary in frequency based on level of care. Groups can vary in size from 4-10 people and offer a “safe space” to talk about shared issues.

“Group is a safe space for me and offers something different compared to individual therapy.”

Groups emphasize and honor the confidentiality and safety of each member. Prior to starting group, you will go through a screening to determine, what services would best meet your needs.

Location: 1209 Highland Ave, Suite E, Carrollton, KY 41009

Phone: (502) 732-6420


Sudha M. Patel, MD, Medical Director

Cami Keltch, RN

Lauren Gardner, LCSW Program Director

Joelene Kurtz, LPCA, Program Therapist

Ashley Dixon, Program Therapist