Welcome To Carroll County Memorial Hospital 


Our hospital and physician practices play vital role in our community. We provide high quality life-changing services that contribute to our patients’ lives promoting treatment, testing and wellness. We have a compassionate, caring support staff ready to serve the next person coming in our door, a dedicated, professional physicians and health care providers that put our patients first and provide service and education as needed to meet their individual needs, and, a cadre of giving auxiliary volunteers reaching out to patients and families with heart-felt attention.

Our role is to improve the health and well-being of the residents and visitors to Carroll County and surrounding counties, by providing quality, compassionate, cost effective and convenient health care through community leadership and in collaboration with other healthcare organizations which serve our communities.

Although Carroll County is a rural part of north central Kentucky, it is conveniently located off the Interstate 71 corridor on the Ohio River between Louisville, Kentucky, and Cincinnati, Ohio. It is a community of hard-working people who personally care for our children and our elders, watch out for our neighbors, welcome people into our homes and aim to be good stewards of the environment in which we live.

We believe the part that the hospital, physician and other health care providers can play in the quality of people’s lives and the economic development of the area is vital to the success of the people of this region. We do not take the responsibility lightly and ask for any feedback or recommendations that people would have as they experience the health service the hospital, physician practices and community provides.

Come visit our webpage often and see what is changing in health services for Carroll County and our surrounding counties.